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Solar Power Monitoring &
Energy Management System

In the field of ICT convergence energy, we have developed energy management and operation systems for various companies.    Considering the convergence of construction companies and power generation companies from planning, designing, constructing and after-sales management of photovoltaic power generation business to the optimal energy management platform, photovoltaic operation system that is easy to predict power generation efficiency, operation status and maintenance based on real-time information.

Web-Based Monitoring System

HYMATIC’s Web-based monitoring system enables integrated monitoring and management of inverters and solar systems anytime from anywhere. you can visually monitor system status, reporting and analysis, manage multiple remote power plants in real time, and check the current solar power generation status online.

  • Real-Time monitoring of power generation status from remote server

  • Fully flexible operating dashboards

  • Data visualization and analysis

  • SMS / E-mail notification

  • Fault and statistics reporting

  • Android/IOS app available

Local Monitoring System

HYMATIC's local monitoring system enables flexible and optimized operation to meet the needs of a single power plant.

  • Real-time monitoring of power generation status on local site server

  • Monitoring system operation status and fault status

  • Data visualization and analysis

  • Fault and statistics reporting

Energy Management System

HYMATIC’s Smart EMS Platform is an intelligent energy management system and make effective use of the available energy, thus energy generation & consumption can be optimized, and electricity costs reduced.

  • AI / ML engine.

  • Energy data collection & analysis

  • Power generation & consumption prediction

  • Intelligent energy management server

  • High performance cloud platform for centralized monitoring of more than 10,000 power plants

  • Multi-level management for satisfying specific demands of end users, installers and integrators, device manufacturers

  • The function and UI of system and app can be customized as per customer's actual requirement

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