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Energy IoT Products
with Embedded H/W & S/W Technology

HYMATICS Inc have focused on research and development of H / W and S / W embedded technologies, and has a roadmap for future Energy IoT products based on more than 10 years of experience in integrating and commercializing energy IoT systems for PV & ESS power plants.  Our technological competitiveness involves IoT embedded and firmware development, as well as embedded software development, implementation of IoT devices for devices for 3G wireless connectivity forwarding to 5G in the future. In addition, We have a solid background in building custom IoT solutions from scratch, web and mobile developments, building software for devices and sensors, creating IoT platforms, third-party integrations and more.

Industrial PC Platform
Web-based Monitoring
Smart monitoring for business
Smart monitoring for home & building
Web Based Monitoring.png
  • Mini industrial PC

  • Windows(OEM) or Linux

Embedded Android Platform
스크린샷 2019-08-31 오후 12.56.56.png
  • 5" and 7" touch screen

  • Wireless (5G option)

  • Android OS

  • RS-485


Web Based Monitoring.png
  • Device control and management function

  • Power measurement and system monitoring function

  • Multi project site management

  • Real-time dashboard

  • Real-time analysis

  • Fault diagnosis function and alarm

  • SMS / email service

  • Statistics and reports

Mobile Application
  • Power generation measurement and system monitoring function

  • Device control and management function

  • Statistics and report function

  • SMS / email service


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